The Mondonauts welcome you

Hello stranger.

We are the Mondonauts and we welcome you to our web space. We are a group of German comics artists, working together since 2013. Our roots are in the web, most of us used to blog. (Remember blogs?) Then we started our zine/book "MONDO" and it was a great success. After five issues we stopped – this development was over.

So we went back to our roots: The exciting world of cyberspace. Here we upload three kinds of comics. "Series", which are longer comics and our main format; "Strips", which is an ongoing comic strip, always unclear, where it's going to go; and "Stuff", which is just that. All of this is in English, so as many people as possible can read it.

We're the Mondonauts. We are friends and this is ours. And it's all for you.

Tour dates

  • ComicInvasionBerlin
  • Comicfestival München